Call of Duty: Modern Warfare abandons the season pass, adopts crossplay


30, 2019

Activision has finally revealed the much-leaked Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but some new details are extremely surprising, to say the least.

The new MW reboot may not be as revolutionary to the entire video games industry as the original was, but it’s aiming to revamp the way you pay for COD multiplayer.

Just like Battlefront 2, Battlefield V and Halo 5 before it, Call of Duty is abandoning the Season Pass. While Black Ops 4 utilized a combination of Season Pass, microtransactions and Battle Pass options for its various multiplayer modes, Modern Warfare is at least abandoning the former.

All post-launch maps will be added to the game for free; all players will get all content. It’s a refreshing take for COD, and one that we hope stays true for the rest of the series. In a series as multiplayer-focused as Call of Duty, fracturing the player base is far from ideal.

While we have yet to see any of the game’s multiplayer yet, we’re told that it’s a “classic” multiplayer experience. According to Activision, there will also be a new co-op mode, hopefully, similar to MW2 and MW3.

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Activision has also announced that the game will also see a new series first: cross-play. PC and console players will be able to finally play together on dedicated servers. Thank God for that.

Battle Royale has not been announced.

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