Call of Duty Mobile controller support “being worked on” after removal


4, 2019

Activision has stated that controller support for Call of Duty Mobile is “still being worked on” after its removal.

While the feature was included in the title’s beta release, Activision silently removed controller support upon release. While the title is currently available to play with both keyboard and mouse and controller on PC, it’s currently impossible on mobile devices.

In a post on Reddit, Activision addressed the fan feedback regarding the removal of the controller support feature.

“Over the last two community updates we’ve addressed several pieces of feedback that the community had been inquiring about and there are still a few continuously coming up: controller support and login options,” Activision said.

“We’d just like to reiterate that both are still being worked on. We hear you and we also care a great deal about both topics, which is why we are taking the time to make sure they are both fully fleshed out, balanced, and ready to go before announcing anything.”

Hopefully, CoD Mobile will get controller support sometime soon. With the title becoming popular, more and more players are clamouring for this feature.

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