Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare On Xbox One Runs At Lower Resolution Than PS4 For A Good Reason


7, 2014


Whenever a Xbox One game runs at a lower resolution than its PS4 counterpart, it raises lots of discussions on the web. The recently released Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare uses a dynamic scaling model which renders at resolutions between 1360×1080 to the full 1920×1080, depending on the intensity of the in-game action. This new technology is only on Xbox One. PS4 renders the game at full HD all the time whereas Xbox One uses full HD only in subdued moments and 1360×1080 during hectic firefights.

Does it make any difference to user?

All in all, our initial test session of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s campaign on Xbox One shows an enormous improvement over the E3 demo we looked at a while back. Frame-rates hit the 60fps target with greater consistency while the 1360×1080 resolution marginally boosts the overall pixel rate compared to the 900p version we played recently at EGX 2014. Overall, the final game is a satisfying upgrade from the previous builds we’ve played on the Microsoft console.

Up until now, the PlayStation 4 version remained an enigma. Running at 1080p, its presentation remains king of course, while Microsoft’s hardware only occasionally shifts up to that resolution, typically in less demanding areas. However, the less consistent 50-60fps performance level on Sony’s platform is a surprising state of affairs, and bearing in mind that frame-rate is king in Call of Duty, we’re surprised that the dynamic scaling tech wasn’t deployed on both platforms.

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Source: Eurogamer

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