Call of Duty: WWII soars past $500 million opening weekend

Call of Duty: WWII already dominated the UK charts, making it all the way to the top, but now Activision has revealed just how well it did worldwide.

In its first three days of release, Call of Duty: WWII made over $500 million, topping the theatrical blockbuster openings of Thor: Ragnarok and Wonder Woman combined, according to company estimates. Overall unit sales double those of Infinite Warfare from the previous year. It is so popular that Call of Duty: WWII saw the highest total connected users on current generation consoles and PC in Call of Duty history, an impressive stat considering how well it sells around the world every year.

Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg said, “We challenged our players to get their squads back together and they answered the call, with the highest number of players we’ve ever seen on current gen consoles and PC. Call of Duty: WWII returns the franchise to its roots and the results are incredible, selling twice as many units in its opening weekend as last year, and setting the day one record for full-game downloads on PlayStation 4. Our $500 million opening weekend was not only bigger than Thor: Ragnarok’s, it was bigger than the opening weekends of both Thor and Wonder Woman combined. And we’re committed to supporting the community with continuous improvements and new content.”

Last year, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was almost universally panned before launch due to its futuristic style of gameplay. With so many people wanting to go back to the series’ boots on the ground roots, it’s no wonder that Call of Duty: WWII has sold so well.

Source: Activision