Caledos Runner’s black friday deal!



Caledos Runner V3 - IMG_1289

Do you live in USA? this is your luck day, on the USA Windows Store we have all Caledos Runner’s in-app premium add-ons at 0.00$ !!! Don’t you miss this opportunity: download Caledos Runner and keep all these features for free forever!

Advanced Stats

Analyze in detail your performance, thanks to the altitude and speed charts. Show pace, speed and climb for all activities recorded via GPS.

Heart Rate Monitor
Track your heart rate with your bluetooth SMART Heart Rate Monitor.

Media Player
Media Player allows you to play/pause/skip music while you’re doing a fitness activity. Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your performance with some good rock music!

No Banner
Remove the automatic insertion of “using #Caledos Runner for #WindowsPhone” on fitness feed and social networks.

Find it in the Windows Phone Store here.

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