Caledos Runner, the new activity tracking application integrated with RunKeeper’s Healthgraph is available on the Window



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Rome IT, 04/10/2012. It is available since yesterday, on the windows phone marketplace, the release 1.0 of Caledos Runner, the new activity tracking application developed by the Caledos Lab team and integrated with the RunKeeper fitness platform. On august the 29th, Caledos Lab team released the release preview of their new activity tracking application “Caledos Runner”. In this month, thanks to all feedbacks received, the app has moved from RP to version 1.0.

Thanks to the HealthGraph public APIs available to third-party developers (, physical activity’s fans from RunKeeper community, holding a WP, can use again their device to monitor, manage and synchronize their activities and stay in touch with their street team. Inspired by the best Windows Phone UI designed by Microsoft and Nokia for their apps, Caledos Runner provides the user with a unique, fast and fluid experience.

It allows to track activities, to measure calories burned and the distance covered over time, on a big, bold and easy to read interface, usable even while you’re running.

A “Fitness Dashboard” is integrated in the App and allows the user to analyze and monitor his activities through summary data and graphs. Integration with RunKeeper platform and their HealthGraph gives the user countless opportunities thanks to both the online tools and the ecosystem of apps and devices integrated with their Healthgraph home page, more information, snapshots, download:

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