Calculate Microsoft Points value in your local currency


14, 2011

Microsoft Points Ultimate for Windows PhoneMS Points Ultimate is the ideal application to convert Microsoft Points to your local currency accurately. Microsoft Points are used by Zune, Xbox LIVE, Games for Windows – LIVE, and other Microsoft properties and partners.  But how much money Microsoft Points cost?

This application let you convert Microsoft Points to two prices in your currency: the online price (i.e. and the price at your local store, which is sometimes lower than the online price, especially when you find a discounted Points Card!

Instant dual conversion
Compare the price online (i.e. and at your favorite local store (Points Cards)

Worldwide support
You can adjust prices in the Settings page

Live Tile
Displays the last conversion directly on your Start Screen

Metro style design supporting portrait and landscape screen orientation and the standard numeric keypad

And free! (without any ads!)

Install “MS Points Ultimate” from the Windows Phone Marketplace now!

Install MS Points Ultimate on your Windows Phone 7


Disclaimer: this app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft, Microsoft Points, Xbox, Xbox LIVE and Zune are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

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