Business Insider: 9 Things Windows Phones Can Do That The iPhone Can’t


While we know there a large number of things iPhones can do that Windows Phones cant, mainly due to the applications not having been written yet for Windows Phone, Windows Phone users are often challenged about what is unique about their operating system, with the implication that there is no reason at all why you would chose a Windows Phone over an iPhone.

Business Insider however have an interesting article up listing 9 things Windows Phones can be that iPhones can now.

The list include:

  1. The operating supports phones with bigger screens. The biggest iPhone only has a 4-inch screen. Windows Phones can be 4.5 inches or larger.

  2. They can run Microsoft Office apps like PowerPoint and Word. Microsoft has refused to make Office apps for the iPhone (so far), so you’re stuck using alternatives like Apple’s own iWork suite of software.

  3. You can customize your home screen’s Live Tiles by resizing them. Apple doesn’t let you customize what apps show up on your iPhone’s home screen.

  4. It can display real-time updates on the home screen using the operating system’s Live Tiles. iPhone apps can only display how many notifications you have with a tiny number.

  5. You can charge Windows Phones with a standard USB plug. Apple has its own "Lightning" plug that isn’t as easy to find.

  6. They have a mobile wallet app that lets you make payments with your phone. It doesn’t work on all carriers yet, but more support is coming soon.

  7. They have near field communication (NFC) chips that let you swap content by tapping two phones together.

  8. Some devices like Nokia’s Lumia phones and HTC’s Windows Phone 8x have wireless charging. That means you just place the phone on a special pad to charge it up.

  9. You can switch them to "Kids Corner" mode which can block certain apps and other features. This is good for people who let their children use their phone to play games. You can also customize what your kids can access and keep them locked out of the rest of your phone with a password.

While the list is a good start, I can think of several other reasons why a Windows Phone is more convenient than an iPhone.

These includes:

  1. Being able to send and receive music via Bluetooth.
  2. Create and install my own ring tones without having to pay anyone.
  3. Being able to pin parts of an app to the home screen e.g. just the Funny Reddit Channel.
  4. Camera Lenses is another convenient and unique Windows Phone feature.
  5. Being able to chose my phone ranging from super-cheap to high end depending on the money in my pocket.
  6. Being able to earn Xbox points on the go.
  7. Drag and Drop file management
  8. Better social integration (LinkedIn, Yahoo, Facebook Messenger)
  9. Expandable storage
  10. FM radio (GDR2 or WP7)
  11. Trial version in paid app.

I am sure our readers can think of even more. Let us know in the comments below and we will update the article with the best features.

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