In the kerfuffle that was the start to Destiny 2’s Season of the Splicer, it seems that the long-awaited cross-play feature was enabled. 

After chatter circulated on Reddit’s many Destiny 2 subreddits, Bungie has spoken up and confirmed that cross-play is currently enabled, but it wasn’t done on purpose.

Instead, the slip up has been called a “sneak peek” by Destiny community manager Cozmo, who spoke about the issue on Twitter

“We are seeing reports that some players are able to get a sneak peek at Crossplay,” Cozmo said. ”This isn’t meant to be live yet and is not representative of the full experience. 

Similarly to Destiny 2’s clown car raids that happened a while back, they’re not patching it out just yet, giving players the opportunity to have a little fun while the patch is created. 

The fix isn’t quite here yet as Cozmo notes, but it should be arriving sometime “later this week” to remove the feature and return it once more into testing. 

As Bungie announced back in December of 2020, “Crossplay is coming in 2021,” so after this glimpse, we may still have a while to wait before a full rollout.