Build 2016: Microsoft announces new Store Engagement and Monetization SDK for UWP apps


At Build 2016 today, Microsoft announced the new Microsoft Store Engagement and Monetization SDK that integrates the advertising features of the Microsoft Universal Ad Client SDK with other features related to Store services, in a single unified installer. This SDK will replace the existing Microsoft Universal Ad Client SDK, and engagement and monetization features will be added over time. This SDK includes following new features,

  • Run experiments with A/B testing for UWP apps:
    Run A/B tests in your Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps to measure the effectiveness of features on some customers before you release the features to everyone. After you define an experiment in your Dev Center dashboard, use the ExperimentClient class to get variations for your experiment in your app, use this data to modify the behavior of the feature you are testing, and then use the Log method to send view event and conversion events to Dev Center. Finally, use your dashboard to view the results and manage the experiment. For more information, see Run experiments with A/B testing.
  • App feedback for UWP apps:
    Use the Feedback class in your UWP apps to direct your Windows 10 customers to Feedback Hub, where they can submit problems, suggestions, and upvotes. Then, manage this feedback in the Feedback report in the Dev Center dashboard. For more information, see Launch Feedback Hub from your app.
  • Display ads in your apps:
    Increase your revenue by displaying banner ads or video interstitial ads from Microsoft in UWP apps as well as Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.x apps. You can also maximize your ad fill rates by using ad mediation to display ads from multiple ad network providers. For more information, see Display ads in your app.

Read about it in detail here and download the SDK here.