2014 BUILD Developer Conference To Start April 2nd



Microsoft has announced that the developer BUILD conference will be from April 2-4 in San Francisco.  Developers will be able to register for the event on January 14th at 12PM EST.  Mobile World Congress will be Feb 24 – 27, 2014.  I suspect Windows Phone 8.1 will be unveiled at MWC.  At the Build conference Update 1 for Windows 8.1 will likely be revealed.  With India unfreezing Nokia’s assets, it looks very likely that the Microsoft deal with Nokia will close in early January.  Maybe the Surface mini and plans for Xbox apps could be revealed at the 2014 build conference.

Baller famously did the demos at the 2012 Build conference and shortly after it was announced that Steven Sinofsky was leaving the company.  This year it will be Terry Myerson’s show, but will the new CEO be announced before or after the Build conference?  Will Ballmer want to stay for one last major conference?

For a bit of history, the first BUILD event was in in Anaheim, California in 2011 and was gave developers their first peek at Windows 8. BUILD in 2012 was held at headquarters in Redmond, Washington just after the launch of Windows 8 and BUILD 2013 was used to launch the first public preview of Windows 8.1.


Story is developing…it appears Microsoft accidently posted this.

Source: Microsoft News Center

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