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1, 2014

Author oidele // in Apps


Budget+Expenditure is a new innovative personal budgeting and daily spending tracking app in the Windows Phone store that allows you to keep track of all your personal income and spending’s on a monthly basis.

This app allows you to create a new budget for each month and for each budget, it allows you to create expected income for the month. The different income sources can be either from salary, or business profit or share sales. Once the expected income has been created, the app then allows you to create a list of planned expenditure for the month. The system allows you to create different categories of planned expenditure including, Feeding, Fuel, Family Responsibility, Utilities, etc. In addition, the system allows you to create new income and expenditure types. The app automatically keeps track of the planned spending’s entered in the system and it prompts you with a notification if your total planned expenditure has exceeded you income.

After creating the income and planned expenditure for the month, the app also then allows you to keep track on a daily basis of how your money is being spent for the different planned expenditure. The app allows you the create actual spending’s based on the planned expenditure. While creating an actual spending for a planned expenditure, the app automatically confirm the amount being spent on the actual spending is within the limit budgeted for in the planned expenditure.


A summary of the core functionalities in the app:

  • Create budget for each month
  • Select budget currency
  • Create different incomes for the budget
  • Select income types like salary, shares, etc.
  • Create planned expenditure for month.
  • Create daily spending’s for each planned expenditure
  • View chart of spending profile in the dash board

You can download this app now in the Windows Phone Store or you can download by pointing your camera to the QRCode above.

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