Browser Update: Chrome bring IFrame lazyload, removes the enter key, and Edge gets easier auto-complete deletion

by Surur
July 26, 2020
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Both Microsoft and Google have been working to polish their browsers, with Google adding two new features recently.

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Lazyload of Iframes in Chrome

The first is the native support for the lazy-loading (delayed loading) of iframes. Iframes are used to embed one web page in another and is these days most often used to embed media from other web services such as tweets, Instagram posts, YouTube videos and even Spotify tracks.

By delaying the loading of these embeds pages can load much faster, and if users never scroll down to that part of the page save data by never loading the components at all.

Of course some components may be essential for the structure of a web page, and Google has given developers some control over this feature.

When using the <iframe loading=lazy> tag, they have 3 additional parameters:

  • lazy: is a good candidate for lazy-loading
  • eager: is not a good candidate for lazy-loading. Load right away.
  • auto: the browser will determine whether or not to lazy load.

Google says iframes lazy loading could save on average 2-3% data and lead to a 10-second reduction in loading times.

Clear browser data improvements in Chrome

Talking about data, Google has made it a little bit harder to clear your browser data in Chrome.

Preview in the Chrome Clear Browser Data page, the Clear Data button had the focus, meaning if you pressed Enter all your data would be deleted.

Chromium employee, Orin Jawaroski claimed this dialogue was “trigger-happy ” and could lead to accidental data loss.

“Let’s consider having the consider cancel button focussed by default instead. This way we can press tab once to arm the Clear Data button. It’s a safety mechanism that protects all users while not causing too much burden for those who like quick keyboard-driven clearing.” Orinj said.

In Chrome 86 Google has now made the Cancel button the default, meaning users can not accidentally delete all their browser data with one careless keyboard button press.

Clear auto-complete entries in Edge

In Edge, on the other hand, Microsoft has made it slightly easier to delete your browser data.

Previously to delete an auto-complete entry in the Omnibox you needed to press Shift-Delete.

Now in Edge Canary version 86.0.587.0 when you hover the mouse over an entry an X button will appear, allowing you to delete an individual embarrassing auto-complete without removing the rest of the helpful history.

Pre-release versions of the Edge and Chrome browsers with these new features can be found at the developer download pages here (Edge, Chrome)

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