Browser competition heats up–Metro Browser enters the arena

by Surur
December 4, 2010

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We have written about Adam Nathan before.  He is a Microsoft developer writing a book about developing for the Windows Phone 7 marketplace, and aims to teach by doing, aiming to get 101 applications in the market.

He has now entered the IE Browser Shell area with his own entrant, Metro web browser, who’s main claim to fame is full screen web browsing in both portrait and landscape mode.

That does not mean the software does not have many other features.

These include:

  • Unlimited number of tabs that are easy to manage
  • Full-screen browsing experience in both orientations, and full functionality in both orientations
  • Orientation lock enables you to force portrait or landscape browsing
  • Google-powered “lightweight mode” that optimizes desktop-designed pages for your phone
  • Privacy mode
  • Powerful auto-completion, powered by Google or Bing
  • Search, powered by Google or Bing, integrated into the same box where you type URLs
  • Integrated searching for apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace
  • Supports running under the lock screen for a fast return from interruptions
  • Choose from built-in themes or design your own! For example, you can force the app to a light theme while your phone has the dark theme applied, or you can skin the app with your school colors
  • Manage favorites, recent pages, and frequently-visited sites easily
  • Customize the interaction between full-screen browsing and the “actions screen.” Change the position and appearance of the actions button (a standard arrow vs. a page curl), or even shake your phone to swap modes!

The app costs £1.99, but comes with a free trial with which is ad-supported, with some features disabled.

The app can be found in Marketplace here.

Thanks Nathan for the tip.

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