Broods use Microsoft Band to create bio-interactive music video

Microsoft is promoting the Microsoft Band 2 by working with artist to incorporate the sensor-ladden fitness tracker in performance art.

In this case they teamed up with the musical band Broods, a New Zealand brother-sister duo whose song ‘Heartlines’ captures the emotional journey of a lover longing to feel her partner’s “heartlines.” During the music video performance, vocalist Georgia Nott wore the Microsoft Band 2, which captured her biodata readings and were then translated into a beautiful geometric display in post-production. The interface picks up data points from the Band, including from the heart rate, galvanic skin response and accelerometer sensors.

“The visual effects are driven by Georgia’s energy and her performance,” said Steve Milton, co-founder of creative music agency Listen who recruited Broods. “We’re translating her experience as a performer into the visual effects for the video as well as for their upcoming tour.

Broods will be taking the customized Band on tour this summer, meaning every performance will be a different experience for the band and the audience.

“We’re kind of building an abstract piece,” said Dan Moore, the media artist working on the project. The pulsating heartbeat, he explained, will be represented moving across the stage, right to left and left to right, with the help of led light strips.

“We’re really interested in showcasing the way that people in the music industry are considering how technology is impacting their work,” said Amy Sorokas, Partnerships Director for Microsoft Brand Studios.

“Whether it’s Microsoft Band or Kinect or Azure, we’re interested in telling stories about how folks in the music industry are using technology to do exciting work,” Sorokas said. “You think of art installations of old – you had to go to the gallery. Now technology is allowing these artists to do interesting things that people can experience in many different places, and they have all these tools to express themselves in amazing ways.”

See the music video below:

Read more about the work at Microsoft here.

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