Broiled Earth: Multiplayer WP7 Game!

In Broiled Earth, you play against up to three other tanks in local or online multiplayer and use various guns to defeat your enemies.

Overall Score: 4/5BroiledEarth

The gameplay is definitely fun thanks to the variety of weapons and good presentation, and the controls are decent, but unfortunately there’s never anyone playing the online multiplayer.

Gameplay: 4/5

The controls are decent. To aim your turret, you slide left or right across the screen, adjusting the angle of the turret. Then, you can drag in front of the turret to adjust the power, but the power adjusting controls are pretty small and lack precision.  Because of this, you can tap the power button on the bottom of the screen to precisely adjust your controls. Before you fire, you have a choice of a wide variety of weapons, including rockets, claymores, and even nukes. Shooting each weapon has a different effect: Some will disperse in a wider burst shot while others will stay together, blasting a single area with full force. Thankfully, a nuke can’t kill you in a single shot, since the weapons are well balanced. You can play this game against the computer, local friends (by passing the phone around), or even online multiplayer. Playing against the computer is fun since you can set the difficulty and challenge yourself. Playing with your friends locally is also fun, since anyone can participate even if they don’t have Windows Phones. Playing online, however, is a bit disappointing. Unless you know someone with a WP7 device and have them go online at the same time as you, no one is typically ever online. The online isn’t the main part of the game, so the game is still good without it, but it could be a lot better if there were more people to play against, or a push notification system which would allow people to play slowly throughout the day without remaining in the game.

Presentation: 4/5

This game is good at both the visuals and sounds, but does nothing extraordinary. The five different level designs add a nice visual change, and the sound effects for each different weapon sound good.

Lasting Value: 3/5

Since you can play as many matches against the computer, your friends, or online people, the lasting value is basically unlimited. But since the online mode essentially never has anyone online, that really discourages the lasting value. Playing against the computer is fun, but if you need to do something else like respond to a text while playing, you will completely loose your game since the app doesn’t resume at all. That really turns you off from playing the game time and time again, since you have to think about if you will have enough time to finish the round. Even turning off the screen will make your game disappear.

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Title: Broiled Earth
Price: $2.99
Publisher: Nullygon Technology Studio Inc

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