How to download Breakthru app in Teams

June 13, 2023

Breakthru app in Teams is a revolutionary well-being extension that Microsoft brings into Teams’ ecosystem to improve cognitive focus, productivity, and wellbeing of participants.

Since its introduction a little over three years ago, Breakthru has served over 45,000 organizations worldwide and more than 300 million potential monthly active users. Breakthru utilizes interactive microbreaks, curated by professionals and movement experts, to assist users in rejuvenating their metabolism during breaks from meetings and refocusing their attention after extended periods of concentration.

“Clear your head, find inspiration and breathe with a guided system of two-minute movement and breathing based breaks. Share and play them together to build a collective break taking habit as a team. Breakthru is scientifically proven to increase engagement, build resilience and help us help each other manage stress,” says developer.

Here’s how you can download Breakthru app in Teams.

How to download Breakthru app in Teams

1. Go to Microsoft AppSource website.

2. Type ‘Breakthru’ in the search bar

3. Click Get it now.

4. Sign in to your work/school account

Have you taken Breakthru app in Teams for a spin? How was your experience? Share it with us in the comments!

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