Breakrusher for Windows Phone 7

Breakrusher Level 16 Gameplay (Official) HD

Use the pad and ball to crush the stream of blocks in a galactic journey.

Breakrusher is waiting for you with plenty of content!

The game mixes block breaking with arcade shooter into one. Dynamic gameplay with spectacular effects should keep you busy for long. Complete 30 levels in Normal, Reversed, Time Attack and Hard modes. Then work hard to get 36 in-game awards. Then unlock all 30 bonus levels and finish them all.
This is great value for $0.99 price with 150 levels total to beat that should take between 8 to 10 hours at least.

Each level has different background. There are plenty of different blocks and few music tracks so you won’t be bored. Difficulty gets higher with every level and every mode. Time Attack and Hard modes will be a real pain. But they are designed to test your skills. Of course to make things more interesting 25 power ups are awaiting hidden in the blocks to keep the destruction entertaining!

The game features some useful functionalities: automatic save and resume, fast app switching, inverted portrait orientation autodetection for convenient play, full screen motion blur effect and more.


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