‘Brawlout’, a Super Smash Brothers like game coming to Xbox Q1 2017


Developer Angry Mob Games has announced a new game by the name of Brawlout, a new Super Smash Bros like fighter currently in development for Xbox One, PC, and PS4. The game is described as an 8 player platform fighter that has players controlling different animals fighting for the “pride of their people”, and promises “the precision of violent fighters with a gorgeous animated style”, while supporting both online and local multiplayer, along with a full single-player campaign. The game is slated to be released the first quarter of 2017.

“We’re all fighting game fans, so we’ve built our dream platform fighter”, said Angry Mob Games’ CEO Bogdan Iliesiu. “We’ve heard what players miss from classic fighters and what they love about new ones, and Brawlout is designed to give people the best of both worlds, whether that’s ruining friendships around the TV or going online to anger strangers in tournaments.”

You can check out the first gameplay footage.

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