Epic CEO Tim Sweeney has revealed that excited Borderlands 3 fans sadly won’t be able to pre-load the game from the Epic Games Store.

Twitter user @skatedc711 asked Sweeney if the latest instalment in the Borderlands series would be pre-loadable and thus launchable at midnight, when the game releases. Sweeney responded saying that support for pre-loading isn’t “in the Borderlands release timeframe.”

Pre-loading is when players can download a game prior to its release, usually a day or two before the game’s actual launch. The game remains inaccessible until the actual release date, whereupon it ‘unlocks’ and players can jump right in without having to wait to download the entire game.

Frustratingly, pre-loading was a feature mentioned as being implemented back in May 2019 in the Epic Game Store’s roadmap. Twitter user @RikSharp brought this up to Sweeney, who replied saying that the situation is “complicated.”

Speaking of the Epic Games Store running behind on its roadmap plans, the digital storefront finally implemented a cloud save system for its games at the very end of July. Well, to be more specific, it implemented a cloud save system for two of its games – Moonlighter and This War of Mine.

At the time, Sweeney admitted that the Epic team had “a bit more work to do” before rolling out cloud saves store-wide.

As with pre-loading, Epic planned to have cloud save functionality live in May 2019.

The lack of pre-loading not the only thing that Borderlands fans are agitated about, however. Back in mid-July, Randy Pitchford revealed that the game won’t have any cross-play at launch.

Gearbox, however, is trying their hardest to implement cross-play “as soon as practicable” after launch.