Loudmouth angry PC gamers are going to be annoyed at this one: alongside Epic Store exclusivity, Borderlands 3 will use Denuvo DRM.

Alongside a recent Epic Store page redesign, thanks to a snazzy new update, Borderlands 3’s PC version has received new information. Information that will certainly infuriate hordes of PC gamers.

Right at the bottom of the game’s info section, a quick little sentence tells us that it uses Denuvo DRM. It says, ahem, “Incorporates 3rd-party DRM: Denuvo Anti-Tamper.” See, I told you it tells us that.

Denuvo DRM is a solid anti-tamper method for many developers. While the solution gets removed from most releases not long after launch – simply to protect launch month sales from pirates – it’s inclusion always manages to upset gamers who probably wouldn’t buy the game anyways.

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The Epic Store’s basic DRM is fairly relaxed compared to third-party implementations. Just like Steam, the in-built anti-piracy measures are light which is why developers have to rely on more expensive software to protect their products.