Borderlands 3 Directors Cut delayed to April 8th


12, 2021

The Borderlands 3 Directors Cut, previously slated for March 18th, has been pushed back to April 8th, due to the snowstorm that ravaged the developers state of Texas last month. 

The news was announced in a statement on the Borderlands 3 Twitter account yesterday, that cited the “challenges arising from the severe weather that impacted Texas last month” as the cause for the delay. 

“Thankfully all of our team members and their families are safe and healthy, but our work on the Director’s Cut was unavoidably disrupted.” The statement reads “we’ve ultimately decided to shift the release date to ensure we deliver the best possible experience.” 

Now the 6th piece of downloadable content set to be added to Borderlands 3, available standalone or as part of Season Pass 2, the Director’s Cut will include A new raid boss, new mission types, and of course, a whole load more guns, alongside the second half of seasonal content.

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