Bokach Software Debuts "Submarine Patrol. Battles of Falklands" App for Windows Phone 7

Submarine Patrol. Battles of Falklands. Windows Phone 7 game. WP7 game

Bokach Software today announces "Submarine Patrol. Battles of Falklands" is available on the Windows Phone Marketplace. The new arcade game plunges players into an amazing submarine war experience, coming to life right on their Windows Phone 7 handhelds.

"Submarine Patrol. Battles of Falklands" has a legend and is based on real events that took place in the waters of Falklands 20 years ago. Player will relive this era as a leader of a submarine that patrols the islands and destroys enemy battleships. The game is easy to play and hard to win.

The game lets you shoot at various types of enemy ships, ranging from aircraft carriers to cruisers and boats. They are different in size, power, and how fast they move. To succeed in the game, players need to target well before they shoot because ammo is limited. Besides, players cannot immediately fire one torpedo after another as it takes 2-3 seconds to prepare the next torpedo. The submarine will shake and buzz once the rocket is fired to simulate real submarine behaviour. Injured ships, depending on the amount of damage, may reduce their speed and move slower, so you’ll need to hit them 2 to 4 times before they are completely destroyed.submarineqr

"Submarine Patrol. Battles of Falklands" is free to try for the first level, or users may purchase the complete game with 10 levels for $1.99 through the Windows Phone Marketplace here.

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