Boeing to use Microsoft Cloud for infra, mission-critical app updates

April 7, 2022

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Boeing will use Microsoft Cloud to update its infrastructure and mission-critical applications, Microsoft announced on Wednesday. Such collaboration will boost the leading aerospace company’s digital transformation. This news further deepens the two decades of continuous strategic partnership between these companies. 

Microsoft Cloud and its AI capabilities will become the digital aviation strategy’s core component. With this investment in Boeing’s digital future, the aerospace company could leverage Microsoft Cloud with its AI capabilities for analysis of data and development of new solutions which would be data-driven. This would open innovative ways for the company to work, operate, and conduct business. 

This strategic partnership will enable Boeing to achieve their cloud strategy, aiding them to overcome infrastructure limitations, scale to reach for more innovations, and boost the company’s commitment to sustainability of operations, according to Susan Doniz, Boeing Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President of Information Technology & Data Analytics. 

She is also confident that Microsoft’s partnership approach, reliable cloud technologies, and depth of experience in the industry will assist Boeing in attaining its transformation goals and further boost its digital foundation. 

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, Judson Althoff, emphasized that the 20 years of partnership between the two companies was built to support Boeing to enhance its digital future. This is by assisting Boeing in creating digital solutions and optimizing its operations for the advantage of the aviation industry globally. 

As a leading aerospace company, Boeing was among the pioneers in using Microsoft Cloud. It employed Microsoft Azure to centralize many of its market-leading digital aviation apps and utilized AI to drive customer outcomes and streamline operations.  

It could be recalled that Boeing also expanded its partnership with Amazon Web Services, Inc. by choosing it as their strategic cloud provider. Boeing aims to boost its digital foundations for engineering and manufacturing by maximizing AWS’s extensive cloud portfolio.

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