BodyGuardz Review

If you have been in search for a full body protector for your Touch Pro 2 or any phone at all, we are here to assist you!  The Bodyguard Full Body Protection is good news for anybody with a low budget, or anybody who wants to keep their phone looking good as new from day one, to the day you decide to sell it.  Here are our takes on the Full Body Protection:


Here is a quick summary of the following video.  The installation process is fast and simple, plus the kit includes everything necessary.

Final look:

The final look of the skin is very nice and clear.  I have had the skin on for approximately one month now, and I had forgotten that I had placed it on my phone!  I was supposed to write a review earlier, but when it dries on your device it is practically invisible, meaning you have a good quality scratch-proof phone for a reasonable price.   image

If you are looking for something to keep your phone looking good for a good price, I would gladly recommend this kit.