Board Gives Permission For Ford CEO Alan Mulally To Leave Early



Ford CEO Alan Mulally’s name comes up often as a possible replacement for retiring Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.  On the surface it seems like a good idea.  Mulally has an engineering background and revamped Boeing and Ford.  Mulally and Ballmer are friends, especially given both their connections to Detroit.  In 2009 Ballmer wrote the introduction for Mulally when he was named in Time magazine’s top 100 people.  While I do not want to get into a lengthy discussion of why I do not think Mulally is right for Microsoft as CEO, consider the fact that he is 68 years and was set to retire from Ford at the end of 2014.  I do think Mulally would be able to provide great insights for Microsoft and might be a great board member.

The Ford board has warmed up to Mark Fields, their current COO, as a natural successor to Mulally and are now comfortable allowing him to retire when he sees fit.  This would allow Mulally to pursue the position of Microsoft CEO if he desires it.  In a statement to AllThingsD Mulally stated:

“I continue to be focused on serving our Ford … and I have my red Ford vest on right now!!” –Alan Mulally, Ford CEO

Source: Yahoo Finance

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