BoA and Chase refugees flood to Wells Fargo after Windows Phone drop


11, 2015

Author Surur // in Apps, News


In January both Bank of America and Chase bank announced that they will discontinue support for Windows Phone, with Chase bank citing low usage as the reason.

Windows Phone is of course only 3% of smartphone users in USA, according to Comscore, but that is still around 6 million people.  It seems of the many thousands affected, many have decided to take their deposits and move to a company that is actually providing them services.

Wells Fargo has expressed its commitment to continue serving their Windows Phone users, with a spokesman saying:

“Wells Fargo is committed to delivering apps that help our 14 million mobile banking customers manage their money virtually anytime, anywhere, and at this time we have no plans to retire our Windows 8 phone app. We continue to examine our customers’ needs and usage, and make our decisions accordingly.”

As a result currently the reviews for the app is filling up with users explaining that they have switched from Chase or Bank of America to Wells Fargo just for that reason alone.wellsswitchers

Its good to see Windows Phone users putting their money where their mouth is, and we hope losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in business will make Chase and Bank of America reconsider their stance.

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