Bluetooth 4.0 to be big next year

bluetoothlogo Gartner has predicted 10 technologies it believes will “evolve in ways that affect corporate strategies, significant numbers of customers or employees will adopt or expect them, or will address particular mobile challenges that organizations will face”.  Amongst these are Bluetooth 4.0, a technology I must admit I have not been paying particular attention to.

Bluetooth 3.0 is expected to only reach handsets in the next few months, but Bluetooth 4.0 already brings a new and interesting feature.

Bluetooth 4.0 will introduce a new low-energy (LE) mode that will enable communication with external peripherals and sensors, says Gartner. Bluetooth 4.0 and its LE technology “will enable a range of new sensor-based business models in industries such as fitness, healthcare, and environmental control and will be used by handset and PC peripherals to enable new functions, such as PCs that autolock when users move away from them,” says the research group.

Bluetooth 4.0 LE devices are expected to be able to survive on a small watch cell battery for more than a year, and move Bluetooth well out of just the scope of phones and headsets.

I can imagine a low cost, long-life sensor/transmitter may be very useful for things such as smart signage or even food labelling. Can our readers think of a use for pervasive low power sensors? Let us know below.

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