blueKiwi business social network app now in the Windows Phone Store

The first release of the blueKiwi business social network app for Windows Phone is now in the store.

bluekiwi is a social business vendor enabling organizations to engage and interact with employees, partners and customers via their own vertically focussed social network.

Their Windows Phone app is still an earlier release, supporting reading, but not starting new conversations.

It currently features:

  • Follow what is going on with real-time access to your activity stream
  • Find what you are looking for with filtering options (read/unread/all)
  • Participate in ongoing conversations by leaving comments
  • See the status of ideas, tasks, events and questions

imageblueKiwi promises future updates will bring the ability to work with your spaces, members and create posts directly from the app.

The app, which is only usable for those already a member and using blueKiwi at work, can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

Thanks to our tipster.