Developer Lilith Walther has announced that their Bloodborne PS1 demake is due to launch on PC next year on January 31st. 

In a new trailer, which announced the release date, Walther once again showcased the PS1 aesthetic of their Bloodborne demake which oozes both gore and charm. Featuring CRT effects, wonderfully low-resolution textures, a whole lot of blood, and only a handful of polygons, the demake is an undeniably fresh take on From Software’s PlayStation exclusive.

In the comments section for the new trailer, Walther has explained, that “the game will only go up to Father Gascoigne, with extended areas and some bonus post game content.” Furthermore, they explained that “as it’s a fan game it will be a free release.”

For now, the only way to officially play Bloodborne on PC is through PlayStation’s cloud gaming service, PlayStation Now, which features the game in its extensive library. 

There is hope that Bloodborne could officially come to PC in the future, as Sony has recently opened up a PlayStation PC publishing label. While they’ve not announced exactly what they’re up to just yet, this new publishing wing is hopefully a sign of things to come as Sony continues to bring PlayStation exclusives to the platform