Xbox Series X exclusive developer Bloober Team is looking to be acquired

June 22, 2020
The Medium Bloober Team

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Polish game developer Bloober Team has revealed that they’re looking to be acquired by a larger company. 

The developer recently posted detailed documents regarding their talks between other companies, revealing that they’re looking to be acquired by another company.

The documents reveal that the developer is currently in talks with “a dozen or so companies”. These companies are revealed to be based in the United States, Poland and the United Kingdom.

Bloober Team is currently at work on two different horror projects for next-gen consoles. Firstly, the developer is majorly enhancing 2017’s sci-fi horror game Observer for a next-gen multiplatform release. Secondly, Bloober Team is working on an Xbox Series X exclusive called The Medium.

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Announced during Xbox’s first Inside Xbox livestream for next-gen Xbox Series X games, The Medium is a horror title that’s so inspired by Konami’s Silent Hill that the developer has even contacted series composer Akira Yamaoka to help with the game’s OST.

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