Ninja Theory’s multiplayer arena game Bleeding Edge will be bringing a new character in the form of Mekko, a dolphin that pilots a huge bloody mech. 

The new addition to Bleeding Edge’s creative cast will take the role of a long-range tank who deals heavy damage with his sonar gun. Meeko also has access to defense ability, a huge bubble shield that blocks damage.

Just like every other character, Meeko has two ultimate abilities to use. For the more offensive strategy, players can attack with a devestating sonic barrage. For the craftier players, you can use a bubble trap.

Meeko doesn’t come to Bleeding Edge alone. While there’s not any more substantial content coming to the game until the next major update, players will have access to a new emote and a Techno Viking board.

Ninja Theory has said that the they are currently working on a new character, map and game mode.

Ninja Theory was originally meant to release the new character last month but due to some much-needed updates to address the game’s launch issues, the cute dolphin-mech was delayed.

When we reviewed Bleeding Edge earlier this month, we said the game was “Dull Game Pass fodder.”

“Bleeding Edge may be free for Game Pass subscribers but in no way is that an incentive to play it,” reads our review. “I genuinely can’t express how irate and bored it made me feel. Cool character designs and a nifty loadout feature are not enough to keep me hanging onto this game. It’s infuriating to play, provides very little gratification and there are far better options.”