BlackJack to help Samsung sell 30 million phones in USA



Samsung has today announced its earnings for the last 3 months. Handsets sales were up 22% YoY to 45 million in the quarter, and average selling price of handsets increased to $143 from $141, due to better sales of high end models such as phones with 3 megapixel cameras and 3G phones.

Samsung has also just celebrated selling 150 million phones in USA in the last 11 years, and expect to sell 30 million in the next 12 months. One of the phones Samsung expects to help it towards this goal is the Windows Mobile powered BlackJack II, which has recently had a colour refresh, and which Samsung spokesman said is “gaining in popularity.”

This is good news for Windows Mobile users, as Samsung is one of the few companies that is credible competition for HTC’s dominance of the Windows Mobile platform, and the platform itself can only benefit from the marketing push and distribution muscle Samsung brings to the table, as seen by the success of the Blackjack series and the recent worldwide introduction of the feature packed iPhone-beating Samsung Omnia.


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