Blackberry’s Viigo comes to Windows Mobile



The leading RSS reader on the Blackberry platform, Viigo, is making its way to the Windows Mobile platform (it seems with a bit of assistance from Microsoft).

Viigo lets you discover and access the best of the Internet’s content and services in an intuitive, fast, and made-for-mobile format. It provides:

  • Free, one-click access – to Breaking News, Sports, Entertainment, Weather, Market Performance, Traffic Alerts, Blogs, and any RSS Feed – designed to make navigating your day effortless.
  • An enhanced and simple mobile experience – view, manage, and consume information your way, in a format that’s tailored for your device.
  • A ton of useful content and services – more than 3,000 channels to choose from
  • Practically effortless – you choose how and when you want your content and services delivered; it’s updated in the background and instantly available the minute you want it…whether you’ve got connectivity or not.

In a blogpost by Mark Ruddock, CEO of Viigo, Mark said the beta software will support News & RSS, Audio & Podcasts, Weather, Sports, Entertainment, Stocks and Finance with support coming soon for Flight Scheduling & Status, Local Interest (Hotel & Restaurant reviews, Local Events etc.).

In partnership with Microsoft, there will be a built with special content, covering breaking news and conference details from the Worldwide Partner Conference in Houston, which can be downloaded form from your computer, or you can visit from your mobile browser.

Read more at the Viigo Bullitins blog here.

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