Blackberry CEO says Windows Phone is not a “mobile computing platform”


Blackberry CEO has been going around talking up their newly minted OS and of course trash talking the competition, including Windows Phone.

Speaking to  Computerworld Australia CEO Thorsten Heins said Android and Windows Phone "are not mobile computing platforms."

Speaking to  Reuters earlier he said:

"The [BlackBerry] architecture we have built is true mobile computing architecture. It’s not a downgraded PC operating system. It is a whole new innovation built from scratch. It’s built for mobile."

He said the company therefore decided against extending its enterprise services to those operating systems.

This of course ignores that the Blackberry 10 QNX kernel is more often found driving your car stereo than your smartphone but I am sure Heins needs to hang on to every straw as the Blackberry boat rapidly goes under.

The latest Statcounter data above shows their market share collapse has continued unabated despite the release of Blackberry 10 at the end of January.  Maybe Lenovo will pick them up at a bargain basement price also to use in smart TV’s, like just LG did with Palm.