BlackBerry CEO explains why he is skeptical about Foldable phones

Wouldn’t it be cool if we see a foldable BlackBerry smartphone in the future? Sadly, that might never happen as the BlackBerry CEO John Chen is not that optimistic about foldable smartphones.

In an interview with Barron’s, John Chen said that foldable smartphones have limited appeal and there is not much innovation left in the smartphone hardware industry. “I want something faster with functional upgrades,” Chen said. He then added, “There are no breakthroughs on the horizon. We’ve done fingerprints. We’ve done facial recognition. We’ve done iris technology.”

“Everyone wants a bigger screen,” he continued, “but they (smartphones) have become bulky.”

Although we saw so many great devices at this year’s MWC, the event spotlight was on this year’s two most talked about smartphone – Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s Mate X. And While everybody is debating over ‘innies’ vs ‘outies’, the BlackBerry CEO is skeptical and underscored that consumers aren’t interested in how a smartphone looks as much as what it can do.

So now that it is coming from the horse’s mouth, it seems BlackBerry isn’t a fan of the foldable design, unlike Huawei and Samsung and other industry leaders. Meanwhile, under TCL’s care, it will continue to produce smartphones that have a greater focus on security.