Blackberry 10 release fail to arrest Blackberry market share loss in UK




There seems to be the idea amongst the Windows Phone community that a resurgent Blackberry will soon condemn Windows Phone to 4th spot at best or worse, based on the enthusiastic media reception of the Blackberry Z10 in the UK.

However all may not be so rosy in the Blackberry garden. Uswitch for example poured early water on the claim that the Blackberry Z10 sold out on release, and it is of note that not a single Blackberry appears on uSwitch’s Mobile Tracker for February so far.

That great standby, Statcounter, also shows little effect from the Blackberry Z10 launch, with the OS continuing to lose market share in the UK, its strongest market in the west.

I think Windows phone users of all people should be aware of the risk of switching horses in mid-stream. While Blackberry, known for cheap messaging in the UK, is jumping to its expensive Blackberry Z10, which can cost up to £42 per month, away from the Blackberry 9900, which costs as little as £18,50, they may very well find both markets suffer.

Either way, there is little proof the Blackberry Z10 is changing Blackberry’s fortunes, so Windows Phone users can continue to look forward to the next step – overtaking this legacy company and its legacy products.

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