Black Friday’s best-selling games console was Xbox One



Microsoft’s Xbox One console dominated Black Friday this year, beating out both of its console competitors. 

Compared to both PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch, Microsoft’s Xbox One console sold the most amount of units during the annual megasale.

With the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition smashing sales this week, Microsoft has proven that discless consoles are wanted by some. With the console being found for as low as £99 this holiday, including bundles with Minecraft, Sea of Thieves and Fortnite, Microsoft managed to ship 100,000 units in the UK alone.

The Nintendo Switch family of consoles wasn’t far away from the limelight. Nintendo’s popular console has sold “just a handful” less than Xbox One consoles this Black Friday. It’s higher pricepoint led to more revenue than Xbox, but less units sold.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 was the worst-selling console of the big three. With its age now making it less desired and without many decent sales, PlayStation sold just 60,000 PS4 units. Not a poor showing considering the console’s lifespan.

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