Bitwig Studio Updated To v1.3 With Support For Surface Book And Surface Pro 4


27, 2015


Microsoft yesterday announced their partnership with Bitwig Studio, a music industry leader in making experiences for Surface Book and Surface Pro 4. Bitwig Studio is dynamic software for creating and performing music on stage and in the studio. Bitwig Studio 1.3 is designed for Surface Book and Surface Pro 4.

What’s new:

Touch Controls – The things you would expect to work better on Surface do work better. Bitwig is optimized for the high resolution PixelSense screen on Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 which means the software not only works incredibly well, your music looks beautiful. A variety of scaling levels let you choose how you want Bitwig to look and feel on your Surface. And Bitwig now works with multi-touch which means you can fly across your arrangements with a quick swipe, pinch and zoom as you edit clips, and launch multiple clips and move knobs and faders at the same time.

Touch Keyboard – Make music with your fingers using the new Touch Keyboard. The Touch Keyboard enables two dimensions of expressive control: drag your fingers left and right across the screen to change the pitch of notes and up and down to increase or decrease the intensity of effects.

Radial Menu – The Radial Menu puts a hub of powerful editing controls at your fingertips. Press and hold anywhere on the screen to open up the Radial Menu. Then, Launch the Browser and Create, Select, and Edit Clips and Tracks with your fingers.

Pressure – Surface Pen adds Pressure as a third dimension of expressivity. Push deeper into the screen with Surface Pen while using the Touch Keyboard to transform your music with added effects.

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Thavius Beck is a musician, teacher, longtime Surface Fan (since Surface Pro 2), and a huge source of inspiration for us. We invited Thavius to explore the creative possibilities for music making with Surface Book and Surface Pro 4. Watch as the unique, expressive capabilities of Bitwig Studio 1.3 and Surface Book allow Thavius to create and perform in entirely new ways.

Purchase Bitwig Studio 1.3 or download a trial on your Surface today.

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