BioWare’s Anthem gets a full reveal at tomorrow’s Xbox briefing, supports Project Scorpio


10, 2017

Electronic Arts’ EA Play conference today featured a lot of games, but one of the most interesting ones was Anthem – a brand new IP from BioWare, which will get its first full gameplay reveal tomorrow during Microsoft’s Xbox Briefing. You can check out the initial teaser below if you’d like to get excited.

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We aren’t entirely sure of exactly what Anthem is yet, but we can confirm that it will be running in native 4K on Project Scorpio. We’re also unsure if this will be an Xbox One exclusive – console or otherwise – but the end of the teaser notes that 4K resolution isn’t available on all platforms. This could just mean the original Xbox One/Xbox One S, but it’s worth keeping in mind.

We’ll find out much more about Anthem – and Project Scorpio – at tomorrow’s Xbox E3 Briefing, so be sure to keep an eye out for the news as it breaks.

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