BioShock 4’s setting has been leaked in a new report


6, 2021

According to a new report from journalist Colin Moriarty, 2K Games’ next BioShock game will take place in a fictional Antarctic city during the 1960s. 

In their report, Moriarty claims that this new BioShock game, which we’ll be calling BioShock 4 for convenience, “takes place in the 1960s, in Antarctica, in a city called Borealis.” 

Moriarty also stated that within 2K, this new game is being referred to as Parkside, and that developer Cloud Chamber has “incredible latitude” to get the game right. 

In their Sacred Symbols video, Moriarty also said that “the game is internally very secret and completely locked up.” This is because “they [2K Games] understand full well that this game will be compared to what [original BioShock creator] Ken Levine does.” Moriarty also stated that 2K Games will be publishing Ken Levine’s next game. 

It’s currently believed, thanks to past leaks and job listings, that BioShock 4 will have an open world. Cloud Chamber has previously been hiring for a senior writer “who can weave impactful, character-driven stories in an open world setting.” 

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Thanks to the game being “locked up,” we don’t know much about BioShock 4, but it’s believed that it’ll launch sometime in 2022. With how many delays we’ve seen throughout the past year and a half, however, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if we don’t see it until later.

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