Biomutant has had its first big update


2, 2021

Biomutant’s patch 1.4 improves the early gaming pacing, adds new difficulty settings, and tones down the narrator to be less annoying. 

The “changes based on community feedback” that Experiment 101 promised are already rolling out with key changes such as adding options to tone down how much of the narrator and proceeding gibberish you hear. 

In our review, we thought that the constant narration was uniquely charming, but it did end up getting on our nerves before too long, so the option to tune it, and especially tone down the babble beforehand, is great news for the charm and pacing. 

Elsewhere in the update, the new “Extreme” difficult setting should give challenge to players seeking it, although running and gunning will likely still make it trivial. The patch also makes improvements to “New Game+” by allowing players to unlock all class-specific perks to give more reason for that second playthrough. 

With Experiment 101 having created this post-release patch so quickly to address key issues, Biomutant may end up being a game well worth recommending and playing once it’s all sorted after a few more patches and coats of polish. 

There were a lot of changes made in this update to try and have Biomutant live up to its potential and if you want to see the exhaustive list, you can read the full patch notes here.

This patch is only available on PC for now, but Experiment 101 have said that “we will release a similar patch for consoles as soon as possible!”

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