Bing’s Homepage Gets Windows Phone Like Live Tiles


21, 2011

Author Pradeep // in News


After all, the long awaited HTML5 powered Bing may come soon. Bing always tests some new features and tweaks to get feedback from the users. The latest is the new home page, the new homepage now looks dark with search categories provided at the top rather than below Bing logo. Another cool feature of this new home page is the Windows Phone (also Windows 8 Desktop) like live tile at the bottom of the page. The live tiles features information such as weather, search trends, top images,etc,. Not just Windows Phones, Windows 8 and Xbox were gone metro at Microsoft, Bing too have joined the group. According to my sources, Microsoft is also working on Bing for Windows based tablets based on the learning’s from Bing for iPad app.

Update: Microsoft’s Bing team is looking forward for feedback from you people regarding this new design. Comment your views below to improve Bing experience.

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