Bing starts showing Black Friday Flyer ads on search results


Bing has started showing Black Friday flyers ads and deals on its search results for mobile and desktop users. Searching for retailers like Walmart, Home Depot or Macy’s will show various advertisements for flyers above the search results. Interestingly enough, according to Search Engine Land, all the ads link to which could suggest the company teamed up with Microsoft to bring these ads to search results. However, for those wondering, Microsoft didn’t officially announce anything about this possible partnership with yet.

The ads are pretty simple: a carousel with some sweet deals and clicking on them opens up where users can navigate to the actual retailer for a product and buy it.

The ads should get a lot of clicks as almost everyone is looking for Black Friday deals right now. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see if the company will be keeping these ads alive after Black Friday, but don’t be surprised if it’s here to stay.