Bing has released a new update for Bing shopping service which comes with new features. The company released an update last month that added features such as price drop tracking and coupons. The latest update will help users shop better for fashion with the following new features:

Find where you can buy it- The new feature will allow users to do a visual search for products and find out where they are available for purchase. It is currently available for clothing and shoe departments, with plans to extend this to home décor soon.

Saw something on the web or have an image on your camera- Bing shopping now includes a camera that allows users to upload images of a product from their device or from the web. The search engine will then search for the best price across all sellers on the platform.

This goes well with that- As the name suggests, “this goes well with that” will allow users to find what will go well with a certain dress. The feature is currently limited to dresses but the company is expected to expand the support in the future.