Bing Search Marketshare Goes Up, But Combined Marketshare With Yahoo Down

December search market share results were released by comScore earlier today. It turned out to be a bad news for Microsoft since it lost market share against Google. Even though Bing gained 0.1% market share in December, its partner Yahoo lost almost half a percentage (0.6%) market share. So Bing powered search lost .5% market share in December.

More than 18.2 billion explicit core searches were conducted in December (up 2 percent). Google Sites ranked first with 12 billion (up 3 percent), followed by Microsoft Sites with 2.7 billion (up 2 percent) and Yahoo! Sites with 2.6 billion. Ask Network delivered 531 million searches (up 3 percent), while AOL, Inc. rounded out the top five with 287 million.

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