Bing Rewards now offering extra credits to Microsoft Edge users


Windows 10 brings a new web browser called Microsoft Edge which is currently in its early days and misses some features. That said, the browser includes a cleaner user interface when compared to Internet Explorer, and it also includes some important features such HTTP Live Streaming. As you may expect, Microsoft has been promoting the browser for a while. Now, it seems like Microsoft really wants Windows 10 users to use Microsoft Edge — recently, Microsoft started offering extra credits to Bing Rewards users for using Microsoft Edge. If you search Bing using Microsoft Edge in Windows 10, you’ll be able to earn extra credits, and get the exclusive daily offers from Bing Rewards.

Bing Rewards, for those who don’t know, lets users earn free rewards for using Bing. If you use search using Bing, you can easily earn credits and redeem the credits for gift cards, etc. Unfortunately enough, Bing Rewards is only available in the United States for now.

This is a pretty interesting addition to Bing Rewards, to be honest — Microsoft wants to users to use its search engine, and its new browser to earn more credits.

If you’re a Windows 10 user and use Bing Rewards, are you going to use Edge to search Bing and get more credits? Discuss in the comment section below.

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