Bing Maps Releases New High Resolution Satellite Imagery


28, 2013

Bing Maps Ocean Data

Microsoft Bing today announced that they are releasing new top of the world imagery along with 13 million sq km of updated satellite imagery.

We are pleased to present our new seamless base satellite imagery provided by TerraColor. This imagery has a resolution of 15 meters per pixel, providing coverage of the entire world!

This new imagery will enhance overall viewer experience with Bing Maps and the Windows 8 Maps App. Experience it yourself by visiting the Windows 8 Maps App or Bing Maps. The new Top of the World imagery (pictured above) is visible from zoom levels 1-13. Zooming in deeper will reveal our high resolution satellite imagery.

Microsoft also revealed that their latest release of Global Ortho imagery includes 203,271 sq km of new data. So far, in total they have published 11,001,500 sq km covering 100% of the United States and 90% of Western Europe.

Read more about the update in detail from the link below.

Source: Bing

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