Bing Maps complete high resolution aerial maps of USA

7282.Optimized_2D00_GOPR5016_5F00_731F54F0The Bing Maps team have announced that they have completed their project to create high resolution photographic maps of United States.

Part of the Global Ortho (GO) project which has now mapped United States and Europe, the team created aerial map imagery by collecting every square inch of the Continental United States and Western Europe at 30cm resolution (1 foot = 1 pixel) in just two years – something that had never before been accomplished.

The feat was achieved using a special version of the UltraCam aerial camera; the maps cover everywhere in US except Area 51 and the Vandenberg Air Force Base. The last project of a similar scale took 42 years.

While Bing Maps is controversial worldwide, there is no doubt it is an excellent, if under-appreciated resource in the US, which will hopefully increase in value world-wide also.

Read more about the newest maps at Bing here.