Bing growing at 5% per month, Google down

2011.02_Search Engines_Percent of US Searches among leading search engine providers

If I were Google I would be very very afraid.  Experian Hitwise reports that Bing has has increased its total market share, including searches delivered by Yahoo by 1.04% to 28.48% of the market, up 4% month on month.

Bing itself grew market share by 0.68%, a growth of 5% month. It is not hard to see why.  Further research by Hitwise shows more than 80% of searches resulted in a website visit using Bing and Yahoo, while only 65% of Google searches resulted in a website visit, likely due to Google’s increasingly polluted results.

2011.02_Search Engines_Success rate among leading search engine providers

1% search market share has been valued at around $1 billion worth in value, so it is appropriate that Google, who lost nearly 1.26% market share, saw its market cap drop from $200 billion on the 11th February to $185 billion on the 11th March with the release of the numbers.

Of course Microsoft is also down month on month, but then that is no real surprise – Irrational pessimism about the company has meant even huge success stories have failed to move the share price needle for nearly 10 years now.

On the other hand – search is really Google’s only product which results in substantial revenue (in the high 90% of its revenue) so, as mentioned at the start of the article – Google should be very, very afraid.